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Bienvenue! My name is Lisa, the baker and owner of LaPointe Bakery.  I have established LaPointe Bakery to make unique and extremely tasty bakes out of my home in Minneapolis. My bakes have the air of simplicity but elegance, my favorite combination. Baking is my passion, and I am thrilled to share it with you.

I have enjoyed baking for my friends and family for many years. My full time job is in the medical field, and I have always felt like something was missing. My artistic side needed more. LaPointe Bakery has brought me just that: the absolute joy of sharing my bakes with others. I love to jam out, bake goods, and fill my kitchen with delicious aromas. I want my bakes to be the gift you bring to a friend's house-warming party, baby shower, or a thinking-of-you treat to give to someone special.


Now, you may be wondering why "LaPointe" Bakery?  It's my last name, now I am an official LaPointe. After dating for 10 yrs we finally got married. It was everything I dreamed of and I am unbelievably grateful. I am honored to continuing baking being a LaPointe.


I hope you find my bakes to be scrumptious. Please feel free to contact me via email or social media for orders or questions. I am delighted to bring sweet treats into your home, or send a thoughtful package of goodies to friends or family.   

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